How can I collaborate on an activity with Real Ideas?

We’re passionate about curating a vibrant programme of events that support and engage our community.

We'd love to hear from you about ideas for workshops and events within our spaces. As a Real Ideas member collaborating with us on events you'll benefit from coverage through our social channels and the opportunity to manage your event through our ticket platform, Eventbrite. 


For any events collaboration, you will need to become a Connect or All-In member of Real Ideas. This is the mechanism we have in place for members to use our spaces and facilities, which builds the community. If you are a Connect or All-In member you will also have access to discounted space hire. 

We are very keen to work with members to support them to grow their businesses and to positively contribute to generating wider benefits for the community. As a general rule, we’re keen to connect activity with our wider programme, both to help you make the events successful and to create value to our members.

For regular activity that takes place in our spaces, we ask this all goes through our ticketing platform Eventbrite. This is for a number of reasons – some of which involve our external funders, the grant funding we get from these organisations helps us provide value to our members and make it possible for us to provide access to incredible facilities without charging members high fees.

From a customer experience point of view, it also creates a better experience. We know that activity that’s bundled together, with different routes to book and find information, is confusing to people trying to navigate their way through. We’ve invested in a ticketing system that directly links to our What’s On page on our website and one which provides a ‘shop window’ of everything going on, which means opportunity for people to happen across and discover your events through our reach too.